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Effective learning does not always take place only in the classrooms and as a school, we wish to broaden the horizones. Therefore that students can connect the outside world to their experience in school. So, the formation of clubs is a step forward to provide the enrichment activities in their own way.


1The Oscar Wilds (Literary Club)The objective of this club is to develop love for language, promote literary interest through activity on campus and encourage students to express their creativity, articulation of ideas through word play and develop their self confidence.Ms. RajaniEnglish
Mr. Chandra SekharHindi
2The Picassos (Visual Arts Club)Aims to bring the students imagination to life and create extra ordinary things from ordinary through various mediums like paint, paper and even sculpture. Mrs. RajithaArt
Ms. SirishaLibrary
3The Annamacharyas (Music & Performing Arts Club)

The role of this club is to give expression to children's creativity through dance drama and theatre as well as provide a scope for voice coaching and opportunities to play instruments and be an integral part of school choir. Mrs. Lakshmi RajyamMusic
Mrs. Lakshmi SwathiHR
Mrs. Anjana DeviTelugu
4The Dandakaranyas (The Green Club)

As the name suggests the club encourages students to identify learn adopt sustainable practices that helps the students to understand concern of the environment. The club also provides a scope for students to create awarness among people through campaigns, movements, sensitize them about the need to "Go Green".Mr. Koteswara RaoScience
Mrs. MadhaviScience
Ms. Sri Latha Science
Mr. KodandaramiahPet
5The Bill Gates (IT Club)

The club aims at giving hand on experience to students regarding the use of technology in the form of using computer for photoshop, animation, word, powerpoint presentation and how to use internet effectively.

Mr. VinodIT
Mr. Harshavardhan reddyComputer
6The Hampis (Cookery Club)

The club aims to develop the love of cooking and culinary innovation in our students. Students will be encouraged to experiments with flameless cooking like salads and deserts as well as to be taken on field trips to big kitchens to understand the nuances of cooking.Mrs. MamathaHindi
Mrs. SwathiHr
Mr. Dheerajofficer
7The Swarajas (The Social Science Club)

This aims at making the students understand and experience constitution and duties its working, fundamental rights through various activities including Mock Parliament, Gram Panchayat and Electrol System. Mr. RamaraoSocial Science
8The CVR'S (The Mathematics Club)

"The aims of this club: Recognize that mathematics permeates the world around us appreciate the usefulness, power and beauty of mathematics enjoy mathematics and develop patience and persistence when solving problems.Develop a critical appreciation of the use of information and communication technology in mathematics
appreciate the international dimension of mathematics and its multicultural and historical perspectives. use appropriate mathematical concepts and skills to solve problems in both familiar and unfamiliar situations including those in real-life contexts."

Mr. E G Siva KumarMaths
Mr.Rama KrishnaMaths